Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Now we get to watch the Brett Favre unretirement media frenzy. Mortensen is gonna have a camera in Favre's garage. We're gonna hear shit like; 'he's been keeping himself in great physical condition... swimming with aligators and walking his daughter to prom and such... He went ahead and had the other half of his lower intestines removed and Brett told me yesterday he's never been lighter on his feet... Back to you, Stan'.

Honestly, I'm still mad about the four picks to brian williams when we lost at home to the vikings in the playoffs 4 years ago. Aside from that, I don't really believe he's going to be able to stay away. Especially when the team is decent and needs him to step in. Which is what will happen.

Strahan's his boy, and he hasn't even said a thing about winning the superbowl because he's still talking shit on Brett's voicemail about how he didn't have to go through training camp. Favre just doesn't want to work, but he knows he can't just skip it. He wants to give Rodgers some work, end the stupid streak (knowing when he comes back from retirement it will continue anyway), and play a 10 game season with no preseason. watch.

By August, Mark Clayton will be giving us updates on what Favre 'had for lunch today'.

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