Saturday, March 15, 2008

It doesn't matter in multiple ways

I agree with Mr. Man, that we won't get a two seed. It is more important is that we are a three though, so we are on the other side of the bracket from the #1. It seems as if there is no real difference between a 2 and 3, two high seed games on the first weekend and then play 2/3 in the Sweet 16. If the selection committee is reading this, it would be awesome to be in the Midwest regional in Detroit. Thanks.

I was very impressed with Bucky today...for 8 minutes. I was afraid that they would run out of time to take advantage of the Sparty hack-fest, but they finally got hot and made some clutch free-throws down the stretch (J-Bo excepted). On display, once again, was Billy Packer's idiocy. Apparently Butch didn't have a 3-point shot in his arsenal until recently (except for the last 4 years), J-Bo is too slow to guard Lucas (except for the entire second half of the game), and it was important for the Badgers to stop shooting from outside to win (except for 3s by Landry, a 4-point play by J-Bo, and a 3 and another 3 free-throws by Butch of a 3 point shot). Is he the dumbest color man in sports? Can we please have a contest between Packer and Tim McCarver for who can say the most uninformed, pointless things during a sports contest. Whoever has the most will have his tongue removed, runner-up has his jaw wired shut forever.

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