Saturday, March 15, 2008

My name is Hubert

Hey, my name is Hubert. I think that the ACC is the ACC of college basketball. I think everyone else should get used to it. I used to play in the ACC as a college basketball player. Then I went into the NBA association, and learned how to hate college basketball. I hate college too. Just college.
I want everyone to know what I think. I think about the ACC. So know that I'm thinking about the ACC. Did anyone score basketballs in the hoop today? I did. I do everyday. It's in my blood. Can you spell blood? It's easy.
I think if you want to know anything you should try to know this: I think about the ACC. If you aren't down, then maybe you should learn to no-look pass or something. If you like to look when you pass, or bounce your passes, or not travel, then you should probably go back to watching Petticoat Junction, whitey.
Eat a dick.

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