Monday, March 10, 2008

Badger Tidbit

Today on Basketball Prospectus, the former Big Ten Wonk, John Gasaway, has published tempo-free (and thus more revealing) stats on all of the BCS conferences. Gasaway, in addition to being a consistent advocate of revealing statistics like points per possession, is a pretty entertaining writer. His numbers on the Big Ten have the Badgers revealed as the best team, and he lobbies for Bo as "National Coach of the Decade." High praise. Gasaway is the only writer I know who picked UW to win the Big Ten.

By the way, his stats show that UW averaged an excellent 1.09 PPP on offense during the conference season, and only allowed .91 PPP, for a very large differential of .18, best in the league. Of course, UW does play at the second slowest pace of any team in the conference, even slower than Northwestern...

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