Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Before the Madness, Some Football News

First off, the Packers finally signed a free agent-- agreeing to a two year deal with linebacker and former St. Louis Ram Brandon Chillar. The apparent point of this deal is to give the Packers some more depth at linebacker (they basically had none this past season) and to create some competition with Brady Poppinga, or to allow Poppinga to do some other things besides try to jam tight ends (like rush the passer). Chillar's only 25 and was a fourth round draft pick from UCLA in '04, and interestingly is one of the few Indian-Americans (that is, a descendant from people who lived in India) in the NFL.

Second, I can't decide whether I'm happy or unhappy that the number one high school senior in the football-playing universe, Terrelle Pryor decided to go the Ohio A&M College. I guess it's good for the Big Ten to have really talented players, but at the same time I'm not looking forward to him running around Badger defenders for four straight seasons. I'm sure I'd feel worse if he went to Michigan (who I dislike more than OSU for some reason), or if Wisconsin had been trying to recruit him. Does it really matter if your league is really strong though? Or would you trade a really good record every year for other people mocking your league and your schedule? I think I'd prefer the latter. Also, it's worth noting that Pryor referred to his future college as "the University of Ohio State."

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