Thursday, March 06, 2008

Krabbenhoft Dunks!

Woo hoo! Forget the Big Ten Championship-- the Hoft actually threw one down, for the first time ever in his collegiate career! I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for that kid to two hand a shot through the basket. Alleluia! In fact, I believe this game featured more dunks by more goofy looking over-sized upper-Midwest Caucasians (three of them featured above) than any collegiate basketball game in history. At least since the retirement of George Mikan. Butch threw one down, Stiemer threw down two big ones, the Hoft had his aforementioned slam off a nice Stiemsma feed. Hell, even JP (no personal offense, but boy I wish we could have your scholarship back) Gavinski dunked a miss in garbage time. (The BTN cameras smartly cut to the bench afterward, where the regular rotation was on its feet, laughing hysterically.) Tanner Bronson swished what will probably be his last shot as a Badger, Wquinton Smith, the new walk on, got on the floor, Jarmusz hit the first three of his career, and even Kevin "I'm now of legal drinking age" Gullickson, got back on the floor and made a shot. (Does this mean he's finally out of the doghouse?)

Seriously, this was a dominant, great Wisconsin win, a wonderful way to send out the seniors, and a fitting game to clinch a share of the Big Ten title. The Badgers only had six turnovers. They played lockdown but clean defense on PSU, allowing less than 30% shooting, and only fouling PSU 7 times. The team shot the lights out, but shared the basketball, with no one taking more than 8 shots and 11 players scoring. (And it would have been 12 had Leuer not bricked two free throws.) Plus, even though PSU was without its best remaining player in Jamelle Cornley, the Badgers didn't relax. They put the pedal down, exemplified most by Michael Flowers, who I swear had more than double the two steals the box score gave him. The margin became huge because they played tough, smart, and with energy but no nerves. And they played together. Team, team, team. Well done, Badgers.

Now, as they might say in Mortal Kombat-- Finish Him! Go to Northwestern and rewrite the history that has you struggling there. Make your own destiny. Dominate them like you can and should and keep the Big Ten Title all to yourselves. Represent.

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Randy Moss said...

mr. man i trust you will be in attendance. get it done. there is no dana, there is only zool.