Sunday, March 30, 2008

One for Two

So my mentioning of Badger basketball recruits Jordan Taylor ('08) and Mike Bruesewitz ('09) playing in the 3A and 4A Minnesota state high school championship games only jinxed one of them. Bruesewitz's Henry Sibley team lost to favored Minnetonka, and Mike had a relatively quiet offensive game with 9 points, though he did grab 14 boards and block 5 shots. Sorry, Mike. Congrats on a great season, and remember that you do have one more year.
Taylor's Benilde-St. Margaret's squad, however, beat defending champ St. Thomas to win the 3A championship. Jordan had a big game, with 20 points, 10 boards, 6 assists, and 2 steals, including a steal and several free throws in the final minute to clinch his school's first state title-- congratulations on going out on top, Jordan. You're one of the lucky ones.

There were also some neat compliments and quotes scattered throughout the articles covering Taylor's 3A win. Taylor sounds like he'll be a good fit on the Badgers--
His coach:
"I've got the best point guard in the state. That's a pretty good comfort zone for a coach to have."
And, "Taylor is the hardest worker I've ever seen in a basketball player. He's always pushing everyone to play hard. He's always in the gym."
The opposing point guard:
"You can tell Jordan knows when to make something happen for his team," Waldvogel said. "I've played with him a lot in the summer. He's a special player."
Taylor himself:
"The strenuous drills that no one wanted to do. The complaining, the crying, the moaning. Playing 4-on-4 when the coaches didn't show up for practice, playing the littles against the bigs. So many great memories. To have it end like this with these guys is so great I can't even explain it."

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