Tuesday, March 04, 2008


So goes today one of the best to ever lace them up, Brett Favre, choosing to retire. Mr. Favre has been my favorite player in any sport, ever. He was in short, my sports Shane. He rode in, bested foes, defined masculinity both on the field and off, and now is riding off into the sun. 

My cap goes off to him as I've enjoyed him longer than any fan deserves to enjoy the actions and antics of any one player. He played EVERYGAME. He won a Super Bowl, he could've won more. He won 3 MVPs. He and Reggie White changed the entire perception of Wisconsin on a national level. He stiff-armed D-Linemen. I'll repeat it cause we may never see it again, he stiff-armed D-Lineman. He always got up. Other times a defender would come flying in and when 95% of QBs would take a sack, he became the all-time leader in the "mini-roll right, pump fake, step left, find guy and fire". 

I'm so glad he and Green Bay met. They're a perfect match. There are atleast 20 hilarious clips where the camera and microphone catch him tearing up the room with funny remarks. He's old school, he's funny, he was our quarterback.

So long Brett, I've already forgotten all of your frustrating weaknesses.

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Randy Moss said...

3 tds 3 ints week 6.