Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another UW Basketball Game Tonight

As mentioned previously, the University of Wisconsin plays host to the Cougars of Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville this evening. (If you're wondering, Edwardsville is a semi-distant St. Louis suburb, on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River.) The Cougars are 1-2, and having just played in a tournament in Charleston, South Carolina, with their win coming over Western Michigan.

They're also currently enjoying their first season at the Division I level, and, as you might expect, have a bunch of new folks on their roster, which you can see here. On thing that jumps out at you is the number of freshmen (six), and that all of the upperclassmen (four juniors and a senior) are all transfers from either junior colleges or other schools. So you'd think the Cougars haven't had much experience playing together, and wouldn't necessarily be all that cohesive a unit. But it's hard to know, and, heck, the UW staff doesn't even know, since none of SIUE's tournament games were taped. Essentially, UW is going into this game blind. Should make for some interesting stuff, I bet. Game tips off at 7:30 pm Central on the Big Ten Network. (Bless the BTN, and it saving me from having to watch "The Biggest Loser," again . . . .) If you want more, here's the Capital Times' brief preview of the game tonight. The Cap Times is doing an excellent job covering UW basketball this season, incidentally.