Friday, November 07, 2008

In a Hoosier-like State

The woman and I are headed down South this weekend to see the University of Wisconsin football team try to pick up a road win against the University of Indiana Hoosiers. I can't remember exactly when I bought these tickets. I think it might have been before the season started, when I was thinking about how I had never been to Bloomington, and had always heard that it was a nice town.

And, of course, I was thinking that this game would be a gimmie, a cakewalk, a nice pleasant distraction, that would be a cheery appetizer to a day of exploring a new Big Ten college town. But now, despite Wisconsin's rise from the depths of utter sucktitude against Penn State and Iowa, I'm kind of nervous about this game. Lose it, and any shot at a bowl game should go out the window. Seriously. I know you can make a bowl with a 6-6 record, but, I believe, every D-I team with a winning record has to get chosen ahead of you first. And honestly, who would want a 6-6 Wisconsin team with losses to Michigan and Indiana? I sure hope the Motor City Bowl has better taste. Hell, I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. After all, Minnesota has looked somewhat competent lately, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has one of the top scoring offenses in D-IAA.

Anyhow, I will be at the game and will be reporting back. Hopefully, Wisconsin can run all over Indiana, and finally get a solid road victory over another Big Ten team. But we'll see.

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