Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Evidence that Bo Ryan is the man.

Here's a great article on Ryan and Gard's recruiting philosophy. I especially like the part about the rental cars. It just sums up Bo Ryan perfectly.


Another recent discussion I heard about Bo involved somebody questioning whether he would feel dissapointed or had failed somehow if he never made the Final 4. His response was that his job was to teach boys how to be men, to help fill the world with better people. Amazing.

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Mr.Man said...

Indeed. I remember that comment about not making a Final Four pretty well. He was pissed and incredulous, as he should be.

Anyhow, did anyone else find the bit in the article about recruiting where they said-- "if a kid isn't interested in coming to Wisconsin, we just forget it" interesting? You'd think they'd be willing to do some selling, if a prospect had the other attributes they liked, like excellent talent, a great work ethic, was very coachable, a good student from a good family, cared most about winning, etc.