Saturday, November 01, 2008

KGB Released; Stays Classy

A particular disgruntled ex-Green Bay Packer could take some notes from Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, who's tenure with the Packers has just come to an end. KGB was released today to make room for Justin Harrell's return to the active roster, and he probably knew it was coming, given his large salary, his age, and his lack of production this season. KGB was always known as a very devout guy, and one who not only talked of religious morality, but, unlike many, applied this morality to his life honestly and faithfully. To wit, he was a humble person, and a class act. The statement he put out commenting on his release shows that well---

"My nine years as a Green Bay Packer have been a blessing that is beyond words. I thank God for bringing me to this first-class organization and first-class community . . . I don't know what my football future holds, but one thing I've realized is that football is more than a game -- it's about building relationships and changing lives."

Good luck to you, KGB. You'll always be a Packer.

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