Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ummm, Wow.

This year's Wisconsin football team is the least clutch group I can remember. And maybe the least heady, and maybe the unluckiest. Just absolutely bizarre. Too much is bouncing around in my head for a coherent post, so thoughts:

- 12 penalties. 12. Part of that is Michigan State picking on Brinkley, but still.

- Did anyone else notice that on UW's last drive, they kept snapping the ball with ten seconds or so left on the play clock? The Badgers did the same thing on their last drive against Illinois. This may set a new record for stupidity, and is something that would never, ever have happened under Alvarez. Barry was a king of clock milking. On that last drive, especially after they got a couple first downs, there was absolutely no excuse for not running the play clock down to a just a few seconds on every down. I think they could have worked at least another 30 to 40 seconds off on that drive had the done that properly. I guess that error is on Sherer, but the coaching staff has got to make sure he thinks to do that. Who knows how the game would have turned out had they been smarter? Just ridiculous.

- Strange to think that game is a win if John Moffit just keeps his hands a little more inside on his guy on that last third and 1. Although that type of a hold happens a lot, and is not called all that often . . .

- The Bielema errors-- first, the fifteen yard sideline penalty. Nice one, coach. Even if the refs make a really bizarre, stupid call, you're the head coach. Control yourself. And did anyone else besides you think calling a timeout on the last real play was a good idea? Isn't a hurried Sparty kicker better than a composed Sparty kicker? And if the excuse is, "we wanted our blocking unit out there," well, first, why weren't they ready to begin with, and second, has UW blocked one kick this year? I don't think so.

- Too bad there was no depth behind Niles Brinkley with Mario Goins injured and the frosh behind him apparently not capable. It's weird to think about, but what would this season have been like if Aaron Henry had recovered from his knee injury? Maybe this game's a win, maybe the Michigan and/or Ohio State games are too. Weirdness.

- I'd like to hear defensive coordinator Dave Doeren explain the six man blitzes on key downs on Sparty's last drive, when the only sacks UW was getting all game were coverage sacks. And I'd like to hear him explain why Sparty converted so many third and longs.

- The obvious-- who would have thought that UW holds Ringer to less than 3 yards a carry, PJ Hill and John Clay both break a hundred yards rushing, Sherer only has one turnover, and Wisconsin loses? No one, I bet.

- To be fair, Wisconsin wouldn't have had the lead had late in the game anyway if Sparty's receivers made some damn plays. I haven't seen that many bad drops since the Wisconsin-Michigan game in September.

- Anyone else notice that UW's defensive backs often aren't in position to make plays on the ball? They give their guys huge cushions, and are generally in the right spot to make the tackle, but they appear willing to give up completions.

- In retrospect, how huge was that Phil Welch missed field goal to start the second half?

- Here comes the Motor City Bowl. If Wisconsin can beat Minnesota and Cal Poly in Madison, and doesn't let the Hoosiers use them next weekend. Hey, maybe it'll help with Michigan and Ohio recruits. (That's a joke.)

- Given what just happened, and that the Packers will likely go down tomorrow afternoon, some badly needed tonic happens tonight in three hours--- the Wisconsin Men's Basketball team plays their first game, albeit an exhibition. Check here to allegedly see a live stream of the game.

- Late addition: Amen, Michael Hunt.

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