Saturday, November 15, 2008


That was a really poor 25 minutes of football there. Three fumbles by three different guys? I don't know how many sacks. Several terrible passes by Sherer. A botched hold on a field goal. Really terrible defense in key spots, again combined with solid defense in others-- typical frustrating Badgers this season. Hell, starting Left Guard Andy Kemp actually sacked Sherer on the play where the stupid Minnesota DT punched Bill Nagy in the head. If they weren't gifted that fumble on Minnesota's first drive, this game would be completely out of hand.

Minnesota has 8 guys in the box thus killing the run, and the line isn't pass blocking well, but until the last few minutes of the half, Paul Chryst kept calling play action passes and seven step drops. I mean, what? I'm putting on my red velour sweatpants, but considering how poorly the Badgers are playing, and that they have shown negative resilency this season, this one looks like a loss.

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