Saturday, November 22, 2008


Jeff Potrykus is the Wisconsin football beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. I think he does a fine job covering the team, though he can be a bit crusty, an attribute that especially comes out when hosting online chats during the season. Today, he turned his disdain on full bore for Michigan Coach Rich Rodriguez. I don't know how you feel about Michigan football this season (since I'm friends with some Michigan alums I kind of feel bad, though I really wish UW had beat them), but Rodriguez just seems to be a hard guy to like, significantly more of a huckster than your typical Division I coach. Anyhow, since the worst season in decades for the Wolverines is almost over and Michigan knew it was going to get thumped by Ohio State today, Rich Rod opted to preemptively defend himself. Potrykus is having none of it. Funny stuff.

p.s. Also, UW will be especially thin in the defensive backfield this afternoon-- both Jay Valai and Mario Goins are out. That's unfortunate, as Cal Poly runs a ton, and both guys are good, solid tacklers.

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