Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not your Father's Superdome

What the hell was that?! I'm left to believe that our defensive signal caller and defensive coordinator are not on the same page and that our fill-in linebackers are only good enough to tie their shoes. And then get them untied. And left in a puddle of they're own superdome GBP-Hurricane Katrina memorial piss.
Bigby sucked. Hawk sucked. Even Woodson sucked. The only players that played half way adequately were 79 & 97. Our D-line as a whole looked like they were ready to go. And the best secondary in GBP history decided that today was Lance Moore day.
If Favre and the Jets go to the Superbowl I'm gonna puke in my own mouth and swallow it.

On the other hand, I've never felt so good about a 19 point ass-kicking ass I do about the one handed down to us by the great Huskies of UCONN ("tucky?" the girl I guzzled Sopporos next to, so West Coastally inquired). Nope.
UCONN has 4 lottery picks in its starting line-up, and 1 on its bench. They are incredible ball-handlers and shooters. They out shot us %52 to %37, and out rebounded us 31-25. They had us in the bonus with nine and a half minutes left in the 2nd half, and we could not get any momentum going after that. I have no problem losing to them by 30. Much different then last years Duke game. Duke sucked. This UCONN team is nastay. We fouled them 22 times to their 14, but they were bigger and faster and getting position. So that's what happened.

Jarmusczsh is great. Everyone is great. As long as they don't have to get the ball over half court, they're ooooookay. Loo-er is a monkey. TAKE IT TO THE RACK, MONKEY!

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