Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Last night was a bit of a coming out party for the young man from Long Lake, Minnesota (and an alumnus of the same high school as three of my cousins). Of course, SIU-Edwardsville is not a great team. Heck, I'm willing to bet if one checked the Pomeroy ratings at the end of the season, siue (their bizarre uniforms had all the letters in lowercase) would be in the bottom fifty. But man, Jon Leuer looked exactly like you hoped he would when you first read about him two years ago-- a collegiate Dirk Nowitzki, just with better hair. Dunks, mid-range jumpers, facing up his man and driving to the basket, snatching boards. Woo-hah! Good stuff.

Don't have much time to discuss things today as work has gotten pretty hectic all of a sudden. But other random observations---
- Landry continues to look like the man, and like he knows he needs to be the man. He's developing a really excellent touch around the basket.
- Krabby hasn't had the greatest start to the season. It looks like he's pressing at times, especially on offense when he looks for his own shots. Although he did nail both of his free throws last night.
- Tim Jarmusz is the king of hustle. Bo was right-- he busts his ass constantly and makes good decisions offensively. Not a huge talent, but talented and smart enough to be a very good college player, I think. Plus, he showed excellent touch on his two jumpers. Now if he could just start making more of his free throws.
- For some reason, Keaton Nankivil got pulled kind of early and didn't get back in much. He must have screwed up defensively in some sort of difficult to measure kind of way. Or they weren't interested in having him and Leuer on the court at the same time, and Leuer was playing excellent offense.
- True frosh Ian Markolf is no longer a redshirt candidate. He got some garbage minutes last night. Actually, so did everyone except for Jared Berggren and Ryan Evans. Evans is a declared redshirt, and Berggren must be pondering one.
- The order of the subs was the starting five, then Leuer, Jordan Taylor, Jarmusz, and Rob Evans. That really kind of looks like the rotation right now-- nine men, with Evans likely to get smaller minutes than the other three guys off the bench. After that, Gullickson came in, followed by Gavinski. Markolf got in later when the bench emptied. What was neat was the quality of play didn't drop off much when the other guys got in. Gullickson, for one, looked good.
- Tempo Free Stats for the game: Wisconsin's points per possession: 1.29; SIUE's points per possession: .85

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