Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paul Bunyan's Axe

Is the greatest rival trophy in college sports and we need to keep it. If you need a quick refresher on how big a rivalry it is for both programs, take a look at this nicely written article.

There are many reasons to want to crush Minnesota this weekend. Let me make clear another. With a win against the Gophers on Saturday and some help, the Badgers could end up as the BigTen 5 seed!  The Badgers could play in either the Alamo Bowl or The Champs Sports Bowl (The Citrus)! After the loss against MI, and the continued downfall thereafter, I was dispirited and rightly so. Yet, with a win against the Gophers on Saturday and some help, we could be a respectable 5 seed!

Batten down the hatches, mateys! It's time to destroy those East-Dakotans that blow so many goats! Let's smash 'em!

Here's what the Badgers need this week:

A win against those ball punching losers from minnesota
An Illinois loss to OSU (this would make IL bowl ineligible)
Michigan wins at home against NW (this is could be a problem, so focus!)

Next week:

IL beats NW
Iowa beats MN

Ensuing Bowl Seeds:

WI-NW-MN tie (goes to WI clearly)


Duff Beach said...

Alamo or Champs would certainly be a nice finish given the disaster that was the start to our Big Ten season. That said, the "Citrus Bowl" is the Capital One Bowl. The Champs Sports Bowl is played at the Citrus Bowl, but isn't really the same thing. I guess for travel purposes it's close . . .

I'd just be happy stomping the Goofs, regardless of bowl destination (and beward the Mustangs next week . . .)

Mr.Man said...

Wiley, U-65, wiley. I like it.

outoftheblu said...

isn't wisconsin just east-sota?