Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Badgers Rebound, Literally

Don't have too much time to rehash Wisconsin's thoroughly satisfying win over a pretty solid UW-Green Bay team, but here are some random stats. Wisconsin managed an excellent 1.14 points per possession, and held UWGB to a thumping .85 PPP. That's a very solid performance. And they, at long last, dominated on the boards like they can--- with an 84% defensive rebounding performance. (Consider--- UWGB missed 34 field goals, and only grabbed 6 boards.) That, again, kicks ass.

In re individual performances, Pop Hughes did a great job of driving to the hole. Krabby looked for his shot and was efficient. And Nankivil hit the boards hard, grabbing 11, and slamming two dunks on drives and dishes (although he meeked out on a couple of moves in the paint). That kind of performance out of Keaton is what the Badgers need to become a good team.


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