Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Who Put Our Bad 4th Quarter on "Repeat" All Year?

If I'm gonna look back on this Packers Season, I have to start by wondering what in the samhell happened to the Green Bay Packers during the 4th Quarter and OT this year? It's unreal. The script just keeps repeating. QB plays ABOVE average during the first half and we come out balling. The defense is making stops and getting picks. Then, the 4th Quarter rolls around and our defense can't make a stop and our QB can't make a play. I'll get to the stats in a minute, but I've got a story that's more illustrative. I watched the game in a living room full of people who did not care. My dear brother-in-law lives so far away from the World of Sports that he cannot get a direct flight. Early on the Packers were looking good, and as the game got into the end of the 3rd quarter, the bro-in starts watching and gets the vibe that the Packers are in control. I told him the problem with the team is finishing and actually warned him about Chinatown Sneakball. Well, sure as sugar, the exact script above played out and the Packers lost in OT. All the guy did was watch tidbits of the second half of this one Packers game and yet he got the exact essence of the entire season. (I felt used)

Sorry, but I need to yell this: YOU'RE THE F@CK*%G PUNT RETURNER!!! CATCH THE F@CK*&G PUNT!!!! What are we paying you for? We don't need some douchebag waving his arms near the punt. We don't need some douchebag running up to the ball and then diving away from the punt. Unless you are inside your own 10-yard line. WE NEED YOU TO CATCH THE F@CK%^G PUNT!!!! The one and only job I am convinced I could do in the NFL is pretending to be the punt returner, but instead, just running
somewhat near the punt and not doing anything. It's not a good sign when you can make any one of the plays that some guy on your NFL team just made on the field. Has anybody noticed that Jimmy Leonhard took over Punt Return duties from Ed Reed on the Baltimore Ravens? Maybe it's because as the punt returner, he CATCHES THE PUNT!!!

I'm not mad at Mason Crosby, but we have lost a lot of games because of FGs that were not made:
We lost to ATL, they went 2/2, we went 1/2.
We lost to MIN, missed the game-winner
We lost to CHI, miss and a block to force OT

Although I agree with Randy Moss that our O-line has not been effective, it's the defense that bothers me. We need better DTs. You cannot play the 4-3 and not have stud DTs. We are $20mm under the cap. I would love to sign Albert Haynesworth. He has always been nasty and is the subject of one of the funniest Onion Articles in Recent Memory. But I am open to taking on others as well. Just get some guys and don't let them go.


Mr.Man said...

Captain Grumpy Old Man, aka Packer Special Teams coach Mike Stock, needs to go. The severe endangerment of his job status was one of my positive takeaways from the Packer-Bear game. (The other seeing Jermichael actually not suck in a key situation.) Stock's been around a long time, and he may know what he's talking about, but as any teacher can tell you, sometimes they kids just aren't picking up what you're laying down, even if what you're telling them is spot on. Time to move to the condo in Naples and start collecting Social Security, Mike.

Randy Moss said...

not to make excuses for rodgers, but he made a huge play converting on a 3rd & 8 to james jones. the offensive line actually pass blocked ok, but that conversion was one of many, put us squarely on their sid of the field. the game would be over if we ran the ball. or if we'd have challenged the spot on the 4th and 1 that our D-line stopped.
not that they haven't been bad, but i maintain that the source of our problems can be traced back to poor run blocking. O-lineman and specifically upgrades @ offensive tackle should absolutely be our priority.
but i doubt it will be because TT is gonna go ego mode about the waisters hes already selected for us.