Monday, December 22, 2008

Sponsors of the Midway

"Chinatown Sneakball" is what you must prepare for when its time to play the bears. Tonight's game was classic CS. Domination followed by, Special teams turnover, points off special teams turnover, 4 & 1 stand, missed challenge, regular score to make it look like the game has even been close, Four 2 yard runs when the game is on the line, blocked field goal, lose a coin toss (not the one for the ball, the one to decide whether Grossman or orton was gonna start OT. We lost both), payback penalty, Robbie Goulde-Edinger wins player of the game. Classic. The only thing missing was a non- Ryan Grant fumble in overtime where the bears get a challange they didn't deserve.
What incredible chokes we are. That bear team sucks. They're terrible. The one great thing about this is that now (assuming the bears beat the Texans next week [which they wont if its above 30 degrees]), we get to watch a glorious viking choke. Although they shouldn't be in the position that they're in. We missed a game winner in the dome! Two missed opportunities on our biggest rivals fields. One game we lucked into, the other we dominated and just had to finish. Either way, it appears that this years Green Bay team has gone and gotten itself a mentality. Confidence has been non-existent since the saints game. The statistics they showed during our last drive about Rodgers' play when tied or losing by 8 or less, were unsightly. Passer rating of 26 point something. Not good. But it also has a lot to do with not being able to run the ball. For some reason, all the big bodies that we've stacked up to play offensive line, are simply unreliable at the worst possible moments, resulting in the most terrible blocked fg since the "sweetness bowl", and stagnant rushing; when it counted; the entire season.
Darren Colledge remains the most inconsistent player on the line. Sometimes amazing, sometimes cross-eyed. And he's the best one out of the bunch (except Scott Wells). Seriously Colledge and Wells and maybe Spitz should stay. And I only suggest that Spitz remain because replacing our tackles will require too much adjustment already. We need two Tackles that can get 4 yards at the end of a game. Especially when the other teams defense has been on the field the whole time. Preferably free agent tackles. Studs. Not projects. No more Brazilians. This is where I would talk about who's available. But I don't know. I'm just a caveman.
And if there aren't any solid options in free agency, then at least we'll have a beautiful draft position. Use it on a tackle. We can't run the ball. And running the ball is the only way to stop bullshit chinatown sneakball losses to garbage teams that shouldn't be anywhere close to beating us. 37-3.


Mr.Man said...

Nicely done, sir. Just hope the Panthers don't franchise or resign Jordan Gross. (Which they probably will.) The game was fun, besides the huge choke job. I may have been the only person in the stadium that was pretty certain Crosby was going to miss that field goal at the end.

Papa Sal said...

Woohoo! I love the Green Bay Pack-it-in-ers. I put my kids to bed when the score was 17-10, and I turned off the TV. Mostly because I knew the Pack would find a way to give it away. I've totally bought into the 2008 Pack-it-in mentality. Watch up until the end then turn it off. Kinda like the rest of the team.

OutOfTheBlu said...

hey, you've always got jordy nelson.
and he can make a great catch from his knees. you should put him in at Mike.

Randy Moss said...

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