Tuesday, December 16, 2008

BIG 11 FUN FACTS (& predictions)

The Badgers RPI is currently 25.
Landry leads the team in minutes averaging 31.2 mpg, with "Boy-anyon" a close second averaging an even 31. We're OK. The conference is pretty good. The good teams are good, and the bad teams are dangerous.
Record: 12-6
Finish: Tied for 3rd

Iowa leads the conferance in shooting percentage @ %48.9, and 3 pt percentage @ %42.1. Also, the 'Brett Beilema leg tattoos' are way ahead of the league in 3 pt. fga with a whopping 242 attempts. wisconsin is tied for 5th with 175.
Record: 4-13
Finish: 9th

Northwestern's RPI is 9. Yaaaaaay.
Record: 8-10
Finish: 7th

Indiana has one senior on the team. His name is Kyle. It's the name his Daddy gave him. He wears number 44. It's the number the trainer gave him. He's from Evansville.
Record: 0-18
Finish: 123rd

Robbie Hummel, AKA Wes Lafayette, shoots %93.3 from the free throw line. They have 5 players that avg. double figures (JaJuan Juahnson technically averages 9.9), and they host Stefan Curry and his 3 week old fetus face this saturday @ 3 pm central. It'll be on CBS.

Record: 13-5
Finish: co-champs

Is balling. They beat 2 teams ranked number 4 this year; UCLA and Duke. Manny Harris leads the conference in scoring with 20.9 ppg, and the wolverines shoot a stellar %79.1 ($$) from the free throw line. Ummm, trouble. Jim Beilein might replace Tubby Smith this year as the conference's "Best Coach That Ever Started Their Kid". Not one of the big tens most coveted titles, but in the Big Sky, it's everything.

Record: 12-6
Finish: tied for 3rd

Averages 20 assists per game (19.7) which is the most in the league, and 13.0 turn-overs per g. Which is the 4th most, for an assist/to ratio of 1.52. point being, they don't run the swing. Must be nice. in comparison, UW's a/to = 117/119 (.98). To be fair we have attempted 84 more free throws than them. And, Bruce Webber's wife washed his whites with his lucky blazer, so now all his underwear look like creamsicle under-roos.
Record: 10-8
Finish: tied for 5th

Steals per game #1 (9.3), Blocks per game #2 (7.6). RPI = 33. OMGWTF. We do not need kentucky across the river. Williams Arena - much respect.
Record: 10-8
Finish: tied for 5th

They avg. the most points in the league by far at 80.9 pts/game, but that does include their 118-60 blowout of Alcorn St. A potentially scary stat line from that game btw, came from freshman guard and Milwaukee native, Korie Lucious, who, in 17 minutes had 3 pts. a rebound and 11 assists. 11? Whatever. Really?
Izzo is still one mouthy 12 year old away from a lifetime behind bars for child molestation. Youngsters keep your private parts out of the IZZONE.
Record: 13-5
Finish: co-champs

Fires threes. And they're the only team that's shot more free throws than us. Us = 225 fta, them = 240 fta. Whe-he-he-hell, nerds. Way to work the system. You're still dorks. Define Nitanny.
Don't know your coaches name. Would insult him.
Record: 5-13
Finish: 8th


Scores the second fewest points in the league (64.0 ppg), ahead only of Indiana (63.2 ppg); but their RPI is 8 and they have the best player in the conference. Evan Turner, 6-7 205lbs. (Who Mr. Man has informed me, turnered down Wisconsin), is rangy and athletic and will take over many games for the Buckeyes this year. He shoots %53.2 from the field and %82.9 from the free throw line. Calm stroke; dominating mid-range pull-up. And he grabs 7.3 rebounds/game.
Record: 11-7
Finish: 4th
Conference Tournament Champions


Mr.Man said...

Well done, sir. Well done.

Papa Sal said...

I hate Stephen Curry. Somebody needs to go John Chaney on his punk ass.