Monday, December 01, 2008

UW-VT Running Diary

I'm pumped for this game and I'm gonna give you a running diary. Enjoy!

(Editor's Note: I use abbreviations to save time. I didn't realize I should be posting the score until it was 8-8.)

Coming to you live from Hokeytown! Apparently all the HD cameras are filming MNF because we are in Low Def. The VT crowd is jumping around like insane people. ACC B-Ball brings the atmoshpere.

Frenetic pace to begin. The Big Donut gets a quick foul, then another. Time for him to sit and leave grease stains on the seat.

The VT early possessions are marked by absolute melee under our basket and Leuer (Big White Monkey) just tomahawk swatted somebody. I like that he had the balls to do that.

We get the ball and Taylor drives baseline and just made a nice reverse layup, I was nervous the entire time.

More VT lobbing the ball at the basket and ensuing frenzy beneath the rim. They just heave it at the rim and rebound. Doing it with some success though. 8-8.

Rob Wilson showing cahones. drains a 3. 11-8.

More bricks from VT. This crowd is amped. They get one to go. 11-10.

Big White Monkey drives and is fouled. TV break.

BWM is not fazed. There is no flinch in his game tonight. I like his arms a lot this year, they are looking good. I hope he can continue that type of muscle growth. I'm wandering into man crush territory.

Here's an ad for the Panormous pizza. Its so big we called it Panormous! Apparently the pizza ad people are saying "Screw taste, give them weight specs", because there's another ad running where a guy puts a "pizzone" on a scale and shouts "Boom!" as it lands. A full pound!

We're back. BWM drains the FTs. 13-10.

Good interior passing by VT to answer. 13-12.

Nice passing and Mo Landry strokes a 3. Smooth. 16-12.

VT Turnover and another smooth triple from Landry. 19-12

Bricks & Rebounds. Bricks & Rebounds. The VT offense.

Lots of sloppy fouls by VT leads to the early bonus and...we make the first FT! We miss the second FT, but rebound. that never happens. Long possession full of almost turnovers, but the ball gets to Trevon in the corner and it falls. 23-12. Timeout VT.

Bobo misses a 3. He consistently has the closest misses of any player I've ever seen. Not sure what that means. Ball goes down to Nank but he gets packed, ball goes the other way and VT nails the momentum 3. 23-17.

Badgers casually run the shot clock down and Pop makes the jumper. Vintage. 25-17.

VT attempts another B&R but the ball careens out of bounds, Badgers ball. The crowd isn't happy, but the refs missed a push underneath so it should have been a foul on them anyway. TV break at 25-17.

White Monkey nails a 3 from jungleland. 28-17.

VT answers with a 3. 28-20.

White Monkey almost just had a two handed rebound dunk. almost. A VT player got a hand in and deflected it. Slightly bigger arms and that goes down with thunder.

VT getting into its offense now with 2 straight scores. 28-24.

Krabbenbot drives and is fouled. We go to the break. 28-24.

Krabbenbot makes the FTs. They score after that. 30-26.

Trevon gets the ball 3 feet behind the arc, his guy falls, he looks around for a second, then nails the deep 3. Balls. 33-26.

They throw it down low and score. 33-28

Wilson travels. turnover. Another VT Base line low post feed and they lay it in 33-30.

They keep fouling us. We keep shooting FTs. 35-30.

VT low post feed and a foul. miss-miss. 35-30

VT goes zone and we are fighting it. Trevon drove to the hole, but missed the layup. Does he do that a lot or is it me? Doesn't matter because BWM is battling and misses consecutive putback tries in traffic, but Badgers get the ball out of bounds. We get a nice low post feed and BWM pivots, takes it up strong makes it and 1. (It's those new arms!) 38-30

Bad VT turnover and Badgers should have last possession. We milk it and Bobo misses an open 3. Halftime. 38-30. VT crowd raining the boos down on the refs. And I fear they are listening.

We're back from the shortest halftime ever. VT has the ball and goes low to Big Donut. We double him. He is adamant that he is gonna shootalmost airballs

Backdoor princeton action and a K-bot lay-in. 40-30.

Followed by a Nank Block. Holla!

Pass around til Landry nails a 3. VT has a guy who is feeling it, his number is 40, and he looks like a mini Carlos Zambrano. Mini CZ nails a 3. 43-33. VT timeout.

Rafferty just compared us to the 60s version of us. Why do people love the story-line so much? We weren't a good program. Now we are. Does nobody notice that we've been pretty good for about the last decade?

Mini CZ with another 3. 43-36.

Nice. They show a graphic with teams that have won 30+ the last 2 years. There are 5 teams. WI is one of them. The stat guy also didn't like the comments, apparently.

I'm pretty sure Big Donut steps out of bounds, but no call and he dishes it down low and the guy scores and 1. made FT. 9-0 run. Bad times. 43-39.

Bad turnover. timeout. Must fight off atmosphere.

Big Donut. Big Miss. Rob Wilson goes to the post and gets fouled. Cahones. miss-miss. BWM rebound. Wilson gets fouled again. miss-make. 44-39.

VT brick and a BWM rebound. Another ugly foul by VT. The Big Donut again. Krabbenbot gets blocked by the Donut, they try to outlet but Wilson steals and gets fouled by Donut. Thats 4 on Donut and he takes a seat and orders a coffee. BWM drives and floats one in 46-39.

Bastard makes another 3. 46-42.

K-Bot gets it down low and makes a lefty jumphook. Hilarious. That got programmed into him in 1967, he just accessed the file. 48-42.

This is followed by a Landry block, we take it down court and fins an open BWM for a 3. 51-42.

I officially hate mini CZ. He nails a 3 with confidence. 51-45. Bobo answers with a 3. 54-45. Break.

VT drives to the lane for a B&R. Its an airball and goes right to one of their guys for a lay-in. VT showing a wrinkle to the offense, the A&R.

BWM misses a hook down low and the bastard strokes a 2. 54-49.

Great D by Badgers, as Landry gets his hand in the passing lane and the Badgers get a steal. Next time down Landry gets a block. We pass it around to a wide open Bobo and he strokes a 3. 57-49.

More intense D from Badgers as the Bot smacks the ball of the bastards toe out of bounds. TV Break.

Hughes drives and lays it in. 59-49.

They drive and score. K-Bot gets blocked and the mini CZ makes a 3. We really ought to stay on him. Bo thinks likewise and calls a timeout. 59-54.

They go zone, we turn it over. They brick, we brick. 59-54. TV Break.

Mini CZ with a post move and its 59-56.

Bobo dribbles around and nails a pull-up 3. Looked like the ones DevHarris was pumping in last night (47 pts, btw).

Mini CZ is en fuego. 62-58.

BWM with a spinning hook! 64-58.

Mini CZ misses a 3. Trevon springs for rebound and makes a soft landing on the squishy Big Donut. That's 5 for him. Big Donut, zero dunks.

Badgers work the clock until Landry strokes an open 3. Pro. 67-58. VT makes miracle 3. 67-61.

They foul us and K-Bot makes 1 of 2. 68-61. They make another 3. 68-64.

We turn it over. The get three FTs. miss-make-make. 68-66.

They foul KBot. make-make. 70-66. Mini CZ with another 3. 70-69.

We can't inbound. WI timeout.

They foul Bobo. What is considered an intentional foul? The guy was nowhere near the ball, he fouled Bobo by swatting his ass. It was clearly an intentional foul. Bobo makes the pressure FTs. 72-69.

Mini CZ gets it, barely even looks, and nails the 3! 72-72. They call off the press for some reason. We get it to Trevon, he drives, hangs and makes an arc-ing lob! Hooray. 74.72. VT misses last minute heave and the Badgers win.

An absolutely fantastic Badger Basketball game.


Randy Moss said...

absolutely fantastic game log.

hot new wisconsin sports car.
everyone needs one.

BWM... Whiteness never drove so smooth.

his ball fake is hilarious.

Mr.Man said...

Well done. And I totally agree that BWM's shot fake is ridiculous.