Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Camp

Wisconsin is a hockey school, and the basketball team is a perennial Top-20 program. But....this ain't The Lambeau Center, it's CAMP Lambeau. So let's talk some Badger Football. 

I mean, is nobody excited to play arguably the best team of the 90's? Neon Deion played for these guys. I had to watch Lee Corso drool over these guys for years. This team and its Tomahawk chop was such a big deal that I remember hearing it almost nonstop back in Jr. High and High School. The Braves even stole it and used it in their NL championship years. Not excited yet? How bout all those hot dumb FSU cheerleaders bouncing around in high-definition? Still not pumped? What if I told you that some guy on ESPN thinks it's the 14th best bowl game this year? I wrote that as a joke, but hell look at that list and all the teams below us. We're cooler than those guys. 

As the site's leading Badger Football homer, I'd like to point out some positives. The first key for me is the continued development of our starting QB. Remember folks, this is a guy who did not get the majority of prep time in the spring or fall. (Why we hung with Evridge for so long when Chryst had no confidence in him, even insiders can't explain). Sherer was thrust into the job in the middle of the season, and was asked to resurrect the season, which he more or less did. In his first week we got trounced at Iowa but we always lose there. Then we won the rest of our games except MSU, but we had them by the balls (we ran into the endzone for the game-clinching TD before it was called back due to an atrocious holding call) So, it turns out that our record with Sherer at the helm is pretty good. And now he is finally getting all the reps and has had another month of practice. This could be good news right?

I'd also like to point out that we have John "3 yards and a pile of" Clay. This guy is a horse and I love to watch him play. Now PJ Hill is asking about his draft status, which is either a prudent move or he is reading the writing on the wall. We have JohnJohn Clay and 2 other guys. That's a 3-headed running back, and even the Greeks don't have a word for that, let alone a bunch of savages who refused to learn farming. 

I have a question: what scares you about FSU? If I owned a retail outlet on campus, I'd be scared. If I was FSU's academic coordinator, I'd be scared. But bringing down our big mashers to play a no-momentum FSU team, without a single skill player I can name off the top of my head? Not that scared. I believe the 1997 Georgia Bulldogs were mentioned. The 1997 Bulldogs were the most talented team Barry Alvarez ever played against (he told me so). These are not the 1997 Bulldogs, dear readers.

Mr. Man pointed out that it's not looking good for the BigTen in this year's slate of bowl games, and he's right. Quick! Who's the only BigTen squad favored to win? Got it yet? I'll give you a paragraph to think about it.

Suffice to say it's not the Badgers. The oddsmakers have WI as 5 1/2 point underdogs. Considering that the game is being played in the opponent's home state, and the 3 point home field advantage general rule, we'd be about 2 1/2 point dogs in a neutral state. So it's not as if Vegas thinks we are totally outmanned.  Small consolation, but whatever. 

Iowa is a 3 1/2 point favorite to beat Mike Vick's Gamecocks. Oh wait, I mean Steve Spurrier's Gamecocks. Where's the outrage PETA?


BratsNBeerGuy said...

"... hot dumb FSU cheerleaders ..."

Hilarious line!

Mr.Man said...

Also, the Michael Vick/Gamecock/PETA line was priceless. Where IS the outrage? Well done.

FSU concerns me because they have a very solid defense--- 13th in yards allowed. And that's playing in a pretty deep (although admittedly not at all top heavy) ACC, and playing Florida and Colorado in nonconference games. And there offense is 28th in total yards, not shabby at all, and pretty scary given how rotating-door-like the Badger defense has been, even in the past four games.

Mr.Man said...

Also, the prospect of this guy schooling EVH over and over is scary---

TomahawkNation said...

interested in a Q&A? Let us know. Our members chose CL as the guest blogger for the pre-game Q&A swap.


Mr.Man said...

Sure. Just let us know how to contact you to set it up.