Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Decisions, decisions

Is it time? Can we mail in the rest of the season? The playoff prospects for the Pack are slim at best. Injuries continue to pile up. Punters are being cut. Things are not looking good. If we lose 3 of the next four (losing to the Lions would be unconscionable), 6-10 puts us in a pretty good draft slot. Add in what looks to be a likely 2nd rounder from the Jets, and we are sitting pretty for the 2009 NFL Draft.

I know, I know. Pro athletes aren't supposed to quit, blah, blah. As a fan though I'm thinking of the future. Isn't that why we let Brett go? Looking to the future with Rodgers? So lets rebuild our D-line, possibly a linebacker, and throw in an O lineman for good measure. Whether we use the draft picks to trade for a game ready player, or use them on some college studs the worse our record is at the end of the year the better our position for the future. In addition, the Pack should have plenty of cap space since we didn't spend it last year.

Note to Ted Thompson: Draft picks + cap space = opportunity. Waste it and we will run you out of town.


Mr.Man said...

Dude, I have been championing losing games on purpose for years. If the Packers had lost two more games two years ago, Adrian Peterson is wearing green and gold instead of Justin Harrell. Think about that.

Unfortunately, it can't happen in this league. Athletes know they are constantly on the verge of being fired, as do coaches. No one shuts down. So because of that, I think the Packers win three of their last four. Hell, they could even win all four. The Texans are not that good. They have some excellent pieces in Johnson and Mario Williams and Steve Slaton, but they're not that solid. The Jaguars have a hard hitting defense and good backs, but their offensive line is bad, and their receivers are mediocre. Look for the Packers to actually have a pass rush in that game. And Detroit at home, I mean, come on. Assistant coaches are getting fired if the Packers lose that game. And who knows what could happen in Chicago?

Randy Moss said...


our defense will play alot better when we have the best ball control offense in the league. i think thats why they like rodgers. build around him. replace the tackles with studs, not projects.

Mr.Man said...

It's hard to disagree with Randy about the O-line. But at the same time, the D-line is bad. Even assuming Jenkins can get and stay healthy and effective and Harrell and Thompson improve, they need better talent at that position.

Now I wish the Packers had traded the Brohm pick last season for a better pick this season, since both lines need a lot of work. Or I wish Brohm looked awesome in the preseason, so the Packers could trade him now. Curses.