Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Comebacks and Bowl Hopes

Mr. Man mentioned that last night VT had a crazy, last-minute "almost comeback" that almost never happens, which is true. But I was watching this 2001 game live and it will always stick out in my mind, as a crazy, last-minute, actual comeback.

Back to Football. When NW beat MI, my hopes for a BigTen #5 seed faded away, but new hopes emerged. I am now hoping for the Champs Sport Bowl in FLA against the ACC #6. What else am I hoping for? I am hoping that the Miami Hurricanes end up being the ACC #6. I want that matchup. We recruit heavily in Southern Florida, and a matchup and win against Miami in Florida, would be really helpful to us. Also, I have always wanted to play and beat Miami. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Mr.Man said...

Or against Florida State. That'd be another fascinating game.

As someone who goes to a lot of the bowl games though, wouldn't it be more fun for fans to go to the Insight Bowl, and thus have the game on New Year's Eve in Tempe? If they managed to win, serious hijinx would ensue, one imagines.

Papa Sal said...

References to victories by the Duke basketball team on this website are unacceptable, and will not be tolerated. Duke losses on the otherhand, especially on the first weekend of the NCAA tourney, are highly referenceable (use that is a word).

Papa Sal said...

Yes not use