Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chris Chambers Gets To Be On A Decent Team

Right before the NFL trading deadline passed on Tuesday night, the Miami Dolphins traded former Wisconsin Badger Chris Chambers to the offensively loaded San Diego Chargers. In return, the Dolphins receive the Chargers' second round pick in next spring's draft. Miami is 0-6, and appears to have punted on the season, despite Ronnie Brown's emergence as an excellent player.
It'll be neat to see what Chris can do as part of a talented offense. If you have the best running back and tight end in football on your team, you'd think your wide receivers would see a lot of single coverage. And Chris has been playing at a high level this season-- even with Miami struggling, he's been on pace to have 1,000 yards receiving, so he could really be a boost to the Chargers passing offense. I'm not that impressed with Vincent Jackson or Buster Davis, so Chris may very well become the Chargers number one wideout. Good for him. San Diego's nicer than Miami anyway. (And Mexican food kicks the crap out of Cuban food.)

The Packers, as you might anticipate, didn't make any trades. Their one potential trading piece, defensive lineman Corey Williams, who's an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season, has made himself too valuable to the team-- subbing in well at end and tackle, and forcing the Santana Moss fumble that enabled Woodson to score the game winning touchdown against the Redskins. The team's likely going to lose him in the offseason, and will receive almost nothing in return. (Football does give compensatory draft picks, but they're almost always really late in the draft.) Hopefully, his play over the rest of the season will be worth it.

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