Sunday, October 07, 2007

Go Pack!

Since I'm friends with many Cub fans, and the Badger's lost in Shampoo-Banana yesterday, I'm hoping to God that the Packers can revive the weekend by beating the Bears tonight. A loss for both teams would result in a state of Illinois sweep. That's no fun. If I'm talking to the fates, I advocate for the young upstarts to win. Illinois, a struggling team until this season, beat a more established Wisconsin last night. But the Packers are the young turks in tonight's match-up-- the Bears have won the division for two straight seasons, and lost in the Super Bowl last winter.

Let's hope the theme of the weekend is the changing of the guard-- Arizona and Colorado have already eliminated two far more storied teams, so lets have the youngish Indians beat Yankees,
and the upstart Pack cement their reemergence by taking it to the Bears.

Also, if you can watch this past week's episode of HBO's Inside the NFL, do it. They miked Favre up for last week's game. What they manage to capture is wonderful and hilarious.

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Papa Sal said...

Thank you for using "myriad" correctly. It man\y be my English teacher snobbery, but I hate when people say "a myriad of..."

Oh, and Go Pack.