Saturday, October 13, 2007

This Sucks

That's basically all that can be said about this game. The defense is making Morelli look like a Heisman finalist. Scott's replacement is gashing the D. Gilreath should not be on the field--he's tiny and can't hold onto the ball. How about trying Daven Jones? At least he showed some aggressiveness on that punt coverage. Either Donovan's synapses fire incredibly slowly, or no one is open, because when he's getting sacked he's waiting and waiting. That pick he threw was really bad. Hill's fumble was ridiculous. Barring a miracle, you can write this one off. In effort to avoid the halftime highlights, I've opted to start watching "Three To Tango" starring Mathew Perry and Neve Campbell on HBO.

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Brooks said...

Personally, I can't believe Donovan is the starter and we're sticking with him. He telegraphs every single pass and I no longer wonder why the largely talentless Stocco started for 4 years ahead of him. It was a head scratcher when Bielema chose Donovan as the starter and at the start of the season and its unconscionable to be playing him now that the badgers are out of title contention. Donovan's claim to fame will be he led the badgers to victory, narrowly, over some very bad teams.

The next thing Bielema needs to admit is that PJ Hill isn't a great, or even good, back. He's slow, doesn't read zone holes very well and doesn't have great hands to boot. It's a bit depressing that tailback U is putting this forward as the best we have to offer.

The defense is weak up front and more surprisingly weak at the LB positions. Levy looks like he might finally be coming on, but Hodge looks like he should be playing juco ball somewhere. There's zero leadership in this group and not any toughness to speak of either.

In short, this has to be one of the most dissappointing teams UW has fielded in recent memory. I sure as hell hope this has been a learning experience for Bret, since he seems to be getting schooled nearly every week out on the field.