Friday, October 12, 2007

A Fun Way To Waste Your Time

If you're still a bit sad about last week's football defeats at the hands of the navy and orange hordes from Illinois, here's a fun way to distract yourself. The University of Wisconsin men's basketball team is having their "Midnight Madness" opening practice tonight, Friday, October 12, at the Kohl Center in Madison. Admission is free. Since the team lost three starters in Alando, Kam Taylor, and J-Cheezy (who's t-shirt website is operational, by the way), it'll be quite interesting to see how this season's squad shakes out. I think most people look for talents like forward Marcus Landry and guard Jason Bohannon to emerge as dynamic and important players, but knowing how Bo works, the guys that he trusts and who've put in a lot of time, like guard Michael Flowers and big men Brian Butch and Greg Stiemsma, will likely get a lot of time on the floor. (Consider Bo's recent quote in State Journal that "I think Michael Flowers is ready to have a huge impact on the Big Ten, on both ends, offensively and defensively.") This initial practice, and the team's intra-squad game that's coming up, could offer some hints.

However, if going to the practice is impossible and/or kind of embarrassing, it'll also air on the Big Ten Network at 8:30 pm Central, this evening. So if you want some easy entertainment, and your satellite/cable provider gave into Rupert Murdoch and thus carries BTN, check it out. I'm planning on Tivo-ing that, mainly so I can watch it when the woman is out of the house. She'd totally make fun of me, then complain about how watching practices is stupid, and then insist on watching "Design To Sell" on HGTV.

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