Monday, October 01, 2007


i am not a stat guy. i leave 'sports facts' to people that are better at explaining what happens on the field than whats happening in their hearts. the packers are amazing. they like to drink blood and they will shank if they have to. there isn't a single non-tackler on the team. The punter is even a punk bitch. i love this team.
if we had a legit running back it would be a downer. i have never experienced having to figure out who the guy carrying the ball has been for my favorite team 4 weeks into the regular season. its hilarious. i hate every team in the NFC except ours and i can honestly say that that is due to other team's heartless coaching staffs, and rosters that only an HBO film could love.
next week we are going to go 5 and 0. its going to be a bloodbath. the trib is going to be amazing and the sun times will be better. i will be arriving in chicago monday morning and i can't wait to read both. the bears are awful. the best chance they have at being better is garret wolfe. they suck. brian griese griese is the juciest cheeseburger that you could possibly put on a plate in front of ryan pickett and johnny jolley and aaron kampman and cullin jenkins and all the other angry hungry licensed pittbulls that we run at this bullshit league every sunday. i can't believe that i get to be excited about this team. unexpected. thank you ted thompson. thank you mike mccarthy. thank you old man.
how many years is A. Rodge gonna have to wait? at least 1 more. trade him now. can we grab ladell betts? am i an idiot. 4-0.


Randy Moss said...

hurt urlacher.

Papa Sal said...

thank you, India.
thank you, terror.
thank you, disillusionment.

Mr.Man said...

Thank you, Pakistan.

After the Chargers game, they showed the inside of the Packers' locker room, and the team's ginger Canadian punter with his shirt off. He was ripped, and had a six-pack.

This is what I'm effing talking about.