Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Screw OSU

We have won the last 3 games in Columbus. We have 4 out of the last six games. We can do this. Get in the right mindset. We matchup well versus these guys.

We took them down in the Matt Schabert game. We took them at the Horseshoe down 17-0, a game I will always love because the dudes I watched the game with (in college mind you) decided that they had seen enough and cursed Bollinger and went to go eat at Qdoba. When they came back it was 42-17, and I had my favorite "I'm a WAY better fan than you" moment.

But those two contests pale in comparison to my favorite game ever at Camp Randall. The snowy night game in 1993. The sounds of gloves and mittens clapping. Our team actually was playing in a big game, a NIGHT game, a game to either emerge from the rubble or fall back under it. So, I'm planning on a win this week in Columbus, even though a Tie could be pretty sweet.


Mr.Man said...

Ummm... that 1993 game ended in a tie, largely due to the freakish abilities of Joey Galloway. I was there as well.

Sadly, I, too, stopped watching the Badger-OSU game after they got down 17-0. I was in a shitty sports bar on Sepulveda in West LA, and the only other Badger game I had been able to watch that season was the Cincinnati debacle. When the score hit 17-0, I concluded that I was a jinx, and abandoned that crap hole bar to go to the gym. My jinx theory was then proven correct, as the Badgers went on to score 42 straight points.

And I wish I could share your optimism. But it looks like Hill won't be able to play. Unless Zach Brown or Quincy Landingham are Tony Dorsett reincarnated, or Donovan morphs into a 1985 Doug Flutie, the Badgers are going to get hammered.

Papa Sal said...

What are you talking about with that tie being okay? I also was at that game, and it sucked. Galloway was freakishly good, but at least one of those TDs was a blown coverage. And then the Badgers lined up for the game winning field goal, and I saw the uncovered guy on the outside. Then Alvarez called time out and I thought, "Thank God, they noticed the uncovered guy and are going to adjust." Then they came out in the same formation and left the guy uncovered again. He came around untouched and easily blocked the kick. Dammit. I was pissed then, I'm pissed now.

Ties are not okay in football. They suck. Especially that one.

I also believe that we will be crushed by The A&M. Largely because they have a defense that will destroy our incredibly unimpressive, PJ-less offense.

Randy Moss said...

that game was the worst. i hated that we lost that. we did call a timeout right before they were about to block it and then they still blocked it. worse than the freshman getting pushed into the punt vs. michigan in 0? 01?

we can win @ the whoreshoe. they're no ninjas.