Friday, October 19, 2007

Tanner Bronson?

Seriously? Did the Journal-Sentinel actually write that? And hasn't Tanner Bronson been the scrappy guy on the end of the bench for 8 years or something? There is no way that guy has any eligibility left, even if he still looks like he is 13.

I demand more elucidation on this undisclosed "medical problem". I respect that Michael Flowers wants privacy, but we should at least get to know when/if he will return. Seriously, unless I had acquired VD or something, I wouldn't be embarrassed to share why I needed to go to the doctor.


Anonymous said...


Mr.Man said...

Dude, I bet it's mono. A quasi-VD. Tell me about it.
Since these new privacy rules came into effect a few years ago, it's basically impossible to get health information about college athletes.

Papa Sal said...

Butchie had mono and nobody cared. If it is mono, that sucks because he won't be 100% until January.

Randy Moss said...

its a heart murmer. guarantee it. or testicular cancer. those are heavy favorites.

Papa Sal said...

That would suck if he had an enlargd heart (a la Hank Gathers). If that's the case, at least they found it before he dropped dead.

It would be a huge loss of the Badgers though.

Anonymous said...

A rumor being passed around is that Flowers is transferring to D-II Winona State so he can win the D-II championship with his brother, who plays there.
I find this outlandish, and I second the mono diagnosis.