Friday, October 19, 2007


I've got one question for everybody: (Just go to the link, people. I have no idea how to hypertext)

Where hast thee gone, oh unwavering Badger spirit? 2 Losses and the Lambeau Camp wants to cede the war to the South? Consider the Alamo? That's our slogan? Consider the Alamo? Sounds like weak taco sauce to me.

Illinois slipped through our fingers and Penn State whipped us. I'm over it. HerewegoletsgoletsgetfiredupHerewegoletsgoletsgetfiredupHEREWEGOLETSGOLETSGETFIREDUP


Mr.Man said...

Personally, I'm not ceding crap to the Confederates. I've just adjusted my expectations. I'm not going to root any less hard for the Badgers to beat Meeechigan or THE Ohio A&M College, I'm just not going to be as crestfallen if they don't.

Chris said...

Just a quick FYI if you want to put the video in your post you just need to embed it in your post.

Which is easier than it sounds(it must be I can do it and I am a trained ape lol)

Look right below the video and you will see the word Embed followed by some code just copy the code and past into your post(in the HTML mode) and you will have the video right in your post.

Now that person is using the newer Youtube beta so the code is below the video in the old style of youtube it is on the side.

I hope that helped.

WSB Chris