Friday, October 19, 2007

What the Hell?

Michael Flowers, the lone upperclassman in the male basketball Badgers' backcourt, has taken a "medical leave of absence." No idea what this means. He has cancer? Herpes from that tramp in KD? A flesh eating bacteria infection? Hep C? An embarrassing cold sore? Rickets? Anyhow, I hope he's alright and heals up soon. Flowers is a Madison kid who was more of a pure athlete than a basketball player coming out of high school, but has worked his butt off and become a very good college basketball player. He's easily the team's best defensive guard. Flowers also could pull off a mean Urkle. Losing him is a serious blow. The only positive may be that it'll give some of the younger guys more time on the court, and thus more time to develop.

And they'll need time to develop-- since Mickey Perry transferred last season, the remaining guards are true freshman Tim Jarmusz, and sophomores Jason Bohannon and Trevon Hughes. Since Bohannon is more of a college two-guard, if Flowers is out for an extended period of time, this means that Hughes will be the starting point guard entering the regular season. Trevon oozes talent, but besides an excellent performance against Marquette, he didn't see the court that much his freshman year. This season was already predicted to be a bit choppy, given the loss of Alando and Kam from last year's team. This could make the ride even bumpier. And for all those fans who were crying out for Hughes to get more time last season, you may be about to get your wish. Should be interesting stuff.

Addendum: Oh, crap. I was reading coverage of this online and just saw the words "Tanner Bronson."

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