Sunday, October 14, 2007

Packers' Defense Saves the Weekend

The stupid Bears-Queens game (ok, it was a good game) prevented me from seeing the Packers edge the Redskins 17-14. The Skinflutes were winning at halftime 14-7, and it looked like the Packers were unaware that Chris Cooley was on the field, since he was burning them repeatedly. But the D sacked up, shut out Washington in the second half, and Woodson displayed his Heisman-like form by returning a Corey Williams caused fumble for a touchdown. Yee haw.

That was certainly needed, because the Scott Wells-less offense had a bad day. The Pack gained only 225 total yards. Brett shattered the all-time interception record, thanks to two bombs that Sean Taylor picked off. Tauscher and Clifton ruined a perfectly good touchdown drive. And Mason Crosby disturbingly missed two makeable field goals that would have made the game far more comfortable. Normally, when you're playing a good team, and your quarterback and kicker have bad days, you lose. But a defensive touchdown makes a world of difference, and the second half the Packer's defense played was remarkable.

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