Sunday, September 30, 2007

Adrian Peterson is animalistic

I've seen a lot of things in my life, I swear I have, but Adrian Peterson is awesome. Anyone who watched him in college knew this. Collarbone, shmallerbone. The dude runs faster than everybody else and also punishes those who seek to tackle him. For example, Nick Collins just sort of humped Peterson to the ground, over the course of about ten yards, and was injured in the process. Peterson was not hurt.

Adrian Peterson separates limbs from bodies.

The Packers defense is looking Badger-like at the moment.


Mr.Man said...

When I looked at Peterson this game, my thoughts were "Why the hell did the Packers have to win their last 4 games last season?"

The Vikings picked 7th, and they only lost two more games. If the Packers had thrown their 9-7 victory over the 'Queens, and one other game, man...

The Packers with Peterson would be pretty ridiculous. As it is, he's going to be causing serious headaches for years to come.

Randy Moss said...

both you pussies should chill. he's a vike. if he's ever as good as robert smith it'll be both comendable and worthless at the same time. have no fear, 6 pipe hitting D-tackles that can outlast any O-line in the league are here.
they had 2 real plays. otherwise, we had record setting dome sex with their mouths. high 5.

4 and 0. yes.