Monday, September 24, 2007


What a day. The packers are good this year. Bottom line. Barring injury we have the talent to be in any game on our schedule and that is exciting to me after having felt like we might very well have had the worst roster in the league at several points over the last two years.

1- We are well coached. the false start by Coston was the first one i can remember seeing this year and the next time we were on the goal line they ran right behind him.

2- SD completed their first 15 passes and we got 3 points out of 2 trips to their goal line and we still smoked their assholes out. We should've won by 20.

3- We shut down the most dangerous weapon in the league, and on the one play he did get free we still put 3 bodies on him.

4- It's uncomfortable when Chris Berman talks about Favre.

5- We have 3 Donald Drivers.

6- Marshawn Lynch.

7- I've never been so confident going to the dome. That's obviously a bad thing.

8- I don't know if i want grossman or griese. But I'm happy to have either. Don't take shitty bear quarterbacks for granted.

9- Redskins are in the NFC East. East is the new Central. We're going to be 6-0.

10- Adam Archuletta got destroyed.

I did not expect this. I don't care if its early and we aren't this good. We are well coached, our defense is our strength, and we will not be losing at lambeau field. We will at least have 9 wins. Count that. I love it.

Mariotti, what say you?


Mr.Man said...

I'm not Mariotti, but I can't believe how well the offensive line pass blocked. I thought steroid-freak Merriman was going to kill Favre, honestly. And he was sacked, what, once? Even though they knew we had given up on the pass?

That is a remarkable turn-around from that unit, coming from the atrocious performance in the Philly game, although Philly's pass rush appears to be really good.

The 14 straight completions thing had me worried, but I guess they were focused on Tomlinson and the run, so they were giving up the pass. Or Antonio Gates is just really, really good.

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