Tuesday, September 04, 2007


The scene: 30 of us were at Essen Haus after the game on Saturday, drinking and hitting on everything with boobs.

The wild card: Outta nowhere, a tall, handsome, definitely athletic dude walks in with 3 hotties of varying ethnicities.

The convo: So one of my (hammered) buddies goes to congratulate him on the big win and says, "Way to go Number 2". and the guys says "92" and my friend says "Naw, Number 2" and the guy says "92" my friend says "Casillas?" the guy says "Naw, man, I'm Shaughnessy" so my friend regroups and goes with "hey, nice sack today, pretty much the only pressure you got all day though". Shaughnessy was like "what? I was up in that motherfuckers face all day1" My friend regrouped again and went with "fuck yeah, you did".

The conclusion: Shaughnessy is getting much hot college ass, and I will be calling him and Casillas "Shaughnesillas" for awhile.

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Mr.Man said...

That was hilarious. "I was up in that motherfuckers face all day."
Well done.