Monday, September 24, 2007

Night Game Notes

The BEST place to tailgate before the game is definitely Randall Court. Kudos to the 5 houses that all had atleast 3 barrels going. No lines, free beer, near Camp, 2 story beer bongs, high energy, drunks, the band came waltzing down the street and played songs for 10 minutes. Trust me on this, Go to Randall Court. Don't tell old people.

Tyler Donovan does not see the field well. We may have gotten seriously spoiled with our last 3 QBs, 2 of which are in the League, but this is not good. It's not as noticeable on TV, but at the game it is excruciating because you see guys running wide open. TD is a gamer, he is elusive in the pocket and he is 6-0 as a starter, but I don't think he can fix this. Defenses that disguise coverages, like Iowa, will cause him major problems because he sets his mind after his pre-snap reads.

Lance Smith is fun to watch. He's so fun to watch that Bret is saying things like "We're still evaluating his situation with road games". (Seriously though, some dumb co-ed took his $5? Tell me again why boosters are bad? This guy runs like the wind on the 9th ranked team for a sport that pays all of our bills and he is battling some ho for $5?)

Damn do we look good when the other team brings in a FB and a TE. Downhill running to the ball.

Aaron Henry #7, continues to make plays. He's from Immokalee, right outside of Naples, so we're pretty much connected that way.

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