Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Interesting Articles Day

First, there's this, which is awesome. "They're going at it pretty good." And I always thought the upper deck at Camp Randall was lame.

Second, the Bears have finally deigned to replace Sexy Rexy. (The older fool refers to Rex as "Mex," "because he's willing to do a job that most Americans will not do"-- that is, be the Bears quarterback. I also like Gross Rexman.) From a Packer fan's perspective, this is a slight negative-- Brian Griese, although washed up, will probably be a mild improvement. The better news is that the Dallas game left the Bears with injuries to their second best player, Tommie Harris, and one of their top corners, Nathan Vasher. Packer fans should hope those guys are still knocked up in ten days' time.

Third, I usually avoid talking about baseball, but Heavy P's comments last night about his dad, the semi-late, great Cecil Fielder, were crazy. The whole family is estranged from Cecil, according to my understanding, because he's a gambling addict who wasted away his career savings, and left the family essentially penniless. Prince seems especially pissed. Heavy P noted that he wanted to hit more home runs in a single season than his father did, and he'd like to win the NL MVP because Cecil never did. There are too many choice quotes to mention. Check it out.


Randy Moss said...

i had sex in camp randall but was not prosecuted.

the bears are ripe. ripe for the sticking. i can't wait. prison shank night in america.

hurry up and lose to the vikes so we can absolutely OOOObliterate the bears.

Mr.Man said...

Which bathroom?

Here Comes the Rooster said...

I had sex WITH Camp Randall and was not prosecuted. In fact, I was given a key to the city.

You mis-underestimated the best line from the sex-in-Camp-Randall article. To wit: "what's your name again?"

That guy is my fucking hero.