Monday, September 03, 2007

What a weekend!

Wisconsin beats the spread and the offense looks surprisingly decent, despite the team fumbling two punts, getting no turnovers, and being unable to tackle. (More discussion of this game in the days to come.) Notre Dame gets annihilated on national television 33-3 to an unranked Georgia Teach team. And craziest of all, Michigan loses to Appalachian State, the I-AA champion of the past two seasons. (Appalachian State is located in Western North Carolina, for those of you that were wondering.) Now, Appalachian State would probably beat about half of the D-I teams out there. But still, a weekend of great hilarity. I'm off to the gym to watch Clemson and Florida State. (My hope is Bowden Senior has a senior moment and wanders onto the field during a kick return.) I'll leave you with this oh so appropriate tune.

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