Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"We were just off. We were off."

-- Packers' Offensive Line Coach (and former center) James Campen, September 10, 2007.

At least someone is acknowledging the suck-a-thon. I generally think Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy are doing an okay job so far, but the Professor Positive, refusing to level with the media thing has got to stop. When people stink up the joint, admit that they played poorly and move on.

Thompson also needs to explain whey he makes certain moves. I'm sure many fans would feel better if Thompson, for example, explained that he had Harrell rated right next to Marshawn Lynch, and well above any of the wide receivers available at sixteen. What he may not realize is that the Packer board and Harlan aren't the sole owners. He is not accountable just to them. There are thousands of owners all over the country, myself included. I want to know why the hell he does things, and the press is my only method for finding out. So cut out the unnecessary obfuscation, Ted, and level with the media. The people who own your team want to know why their most important employee is doing what he's doing. Sheesh.

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Randy Moss said...

yeah, "Ted". marshawn lynch would make us legit right now. good job on the defense btw.