Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Madison Notes

Lots of WSU fans, more than any other non-Midwestern school. Nobody has traveled to Madison like that. There were hordes. They call themselves the Cougs. The are loud and drunk and pretty cool. There were no hot Cougars.

Lance Smith is BY FAR our best back. (Of course, he was last year as well, but fell outta favor with coaches). PJ Hill forgot that he is fat with a big ass and that he should just try to run into people every time, because he cannot run around them. Lance Smith looked like a slalom skier out there, or better yet a basketball player driving to the lane and jump-stopping around people only he was jump-running around people who were trying to tackle him. Very fun to watch. Bottom line is this: the first guy tackled PJ every time. The first 2 guys were missing Mr. Smith. I expect to continue to see PJ early here in the season, but my bet is Smith for crunch time minutes against good teams. Brown looks fast as advertised. That sound in the distance is Johnny Clay getting more reps.

Chris Pressly was devastating. Ss and CBs avoided him so consistently it was comical. Charging LBs ran into him and stopped moving for the rest of the play, he was an eraser.

Looks like teams may need to scrap the put 8 guys in the box and hope WI can't pass as Plan A. Way too much talent receiving the ball.

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