Saturday, September 29, 2007

I am the Big Nostradamus

Among teams ranked ahead of Wisconsin, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Texas all lost this weekend. Rutgers and Oregon, ranked just behind Wisconsin, both lost, too. Oh, and Florida is losing and USC is in a close game on the road.

Despite our win, I predict that the Badgers will fall to 11th in the polls.

Dirk Kirkstreet, on the ABC broadcast of the USC-Washington game, just said that Oregon should be ranked ahead of Wisconsin as well as several other undefeated teams. He did not mention Ohio St. among those teams. He is a fraud.

Also, it's refreshing to hear BB say that "we are not a pretty football team."

1 comment:

Mr.Man said...

"Not pretty" must be code for almost completely inept defensively, and quarterbacked by a midget.
The FIBs should be favored next week.