Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Starr Fuimaono is a Huge Jerk

That's the name of the UNLV jackass who shoved Wisconsin wide receiver Paul Hubbard into the ground, then bent him over backwards for no apparent reason. Hubbard didn't have the ball. In fact, at the time, the ball carrier, Wisconsin running back PJ Hill, was literally buried under six or seven linemen. The play was dead.

But "Starr," maybe because he has a woman's first name, ignored that, and decided to try to end Hubbard's season. So, with Hubbard on the ground on his knees, and his lower legs trapped underneath him, Starr Fuimaono continued to violently push at Hubbard's upper body. He literally forced Hubbard's torso flat to the ground, again with his lower legs trapped underneath him, bending his body unnaturally in half. Again, the play was over and Hubbard did not have the ball.

As Wisconsin quarterback Tyler Donovan said, the play made him sick to his stomach. And that's accurate-- watching it literally makes you nauseous. Why would one player try to deliberately injure another, away from the ball, after the play is essentially dead? What motivates someone like Starr Fuimaono to act so evilly? I can't tell you.

I can tell you that Hubbard is going to miss the vast majority of this season due to a knee injury caused by Starr Fuimaono's despicable play. I can tell you that Hubbard was a fifth-year senior, who had hardly ever played football before arriving at UW. That he came to UW on a track scholarship, and worked dilligently for five years of his life to try to contribute to the football team. That until last year, his fourth with the program, he had never caught a pass at UW. That last season he was inconsistent, mixing great catches and blocks with dropped passes and poor routes. That he was finally putting things together late last season, catching the only touchdown in the Badgers' win over Penn State, and another touchdown against Arkansas in the Capital One Bowl. That he busted his butt all offseason, and had a great training camp. That he was primed to haver his best season, again, after working and waiting for five long years. That he was going to cherish his senior season, his final year at Wisconsin. And that the promise of this season has has been taken away from him, by a senseless and cruel act by Starr Fuimaono.

Starr Fuimaono is a sophomore from southern California, according to his bio on UNLV's website. UNLV football has struggled in the past few years, and despite playing the Badgers tough, could struggle again this season. Maybe Starr's not mature enough to understand what it's like to work so hard for something, and to see it taken away from you by a stupid and thoughtless act. Maybe when he's a senior, and he's hoping that this one year, his team will win their conference, or finally make it to a bowl, or he'll make a big play against a rival that wins a game; maybe then he'll understand how precious a final season is. How dreams can be dashed so quickly. He must have learned a little already-- Donovan, avenging Hubbard's injury, ran past Starr Fuimaono for the game winning touchdown. There's a small taste, Starr.


Anonymous said...

i have been following UNLV football for a long time. win or lose and haha is all i have to say to that. don't ever think you can disrespect someones name that was given to them at birth which means you disrespect the kids family because you could be messing with the wrong people. if you were watching the game the whistle was not blown yet you jackass football players have been taught to play until the whistle is blown. and that was the case. it wasnt a big deal to the commentators on tv because shit like that happens in football all the time especially if it two guys going at it and it is done between the whistles. trust me it wasn't intentional it was a violent fucking battle from the start on both sides both player were playing football and hubbard happened to have lost that battle. he plays for Wisconsin which they should be overpowering teams like UNLV so what was your boy doing on the ground. and why did Wisconsin barely escape that game with a win. not because the QB out ran Starr. trust me that prick couldn't even ran past him if he wanted to. if you watch the game replays you dumb ass you will see that it was a simply blown assignment the end was supposed to have contain and starr blitz inside if you watch the the replays of the game you will see starr starting his blitz on the inside and realize that the end had messed up and went inside starr tried to correct the defensive ends mistake but by that time the QB had already had and edge on him. so that is a little information for your dumb ass. tell them Wisconsin boys to shut up and suck it up shit happens its football. if they don't want to end up on the ground next time tell them hit the weight room harder. oh and trust me if you were a wise guy you should probably take this blog of the web and write up an apology.

Anonymous said...

I coached STARR since he was 13 years old! For you to say these things about him and not know this young man..makes you sound like a complete IDIOT yourself! Starr is a quiet man off the field and a beast on it! You are just upset because it happened to one of your players for the team you root for! I wont say "YOUR TEAM" because you have no idea what goes into game planning or anything else, unless you see it on tv or hear it from a newscaster. So before you speak about someone you should get to know a person! the play you are speaking about...you should go back and watch again. HE PLAYED UNTIL THE WHISTLE BLEW! If WISCONSIN PLAYERS cant figure not to stand around and not pay attention...then that is their fault! LEARN THE GAME and not just what is said on tv...as for talking PERSONAL CRAP about STARR..I CAN ASSURE you that you wouldnt say a word if you saw "HOWIE, MARK, FINA(SIS) Melinda(SIS) and Shawn younger brother walking towards you! Let alone Mike and SISSA(PARENTS)..so just keep your mouth shut and sit in the stands...because I know you wouldnt want to meet STARR on the field.