Saturday, September 29, 2007

Was Mark Dantonio out of his mind?

Um, why did he call for a run on 3rd and 8 from the Badgers 37 in the 4th quarter, down by 3? But I'm glad he did.

On the Badgers side, where the hell was Jack all day? Supposedly BB said something about how he woke up not feeling well, a comment even Barry couldn't understand when asked about it at half time. This left us with way too much hot Ben Strickland action. And, listen, I've never played organized football, but why are the coaches having Allen Langford give the receivers he's "covering" a ten-yard cushion? I mean, I like me a thick cushion--the thicker the waist-band, the deeper the quicksand--but ten yards seems ridiculous. But in Jack's absence, Casillas did his best Ikegwonu impersonation in the second quarter by hauling down Javon Ringer from behind (he he) at the end of his 70 yard run. Munchigan St. could only manage a field-goal on that drive, so that was sort of a big play, much like Jack's play on McFadden in the bowl game last year.

As far as Munchigan St. goes, Ringer, Caulcrick, and that Devin Thomas guy are all pretty damn good. I think. I qualify that with the "I think," because, to paraphrase the great Patches O'Houlihan, the Badgers defense looked like a roomful of retards trying to hump a doorknob all day.

Finally, Marcus Randle El (MRE) has done precisely one useful thing for the Badgers since coming to Madison. And that was getting a Munchigan St. defensive player, allegedly a good one, thrown out of the game with him today.

Yes, MRE is that big of an oxygen-thief.

In his years on campus, he has gotten arrested, injured, and made zero plays on the field. But he actually got on the field (baby steps) today. And then promptly got into a fight with an opposing player and got himself ejected.

At least he took one of the bad guys with him.


Here Comes the Rooster said...

Is there a way to edit these damn things? Casillas caught Ringer after a long run in the third quarter. My error.

Mr.Man said...

Yes. Click on the little pencil thing at the bottom of the post after you publish it. Sign in first.