Monday, September 10, 2007

Vegas Notes

I was both frightened and excited about the number of Jean Shorts that Badger Fans are willing to bring to the Desert in September. They were everywhere, in the casinos, on the streets, at the game. It was the mass self-deprecating joke of the weekend, nobody could get over it.

The Hard Rock Casino was a bitching good time, but on the night that Snoop perfromed at the pool and $0.50 performed at the interior club Body English, I was pleased to leave with my valuables and bone structure intact.

Nobody in my crew wanted to touch the 27 point line, so we set an over/under for how many girls (under 40, non-UNLV fans, between 4-11PM) that I could high-5 on Saturday. We set this at 5-ish AM after a night at Pure. The over/under: 127. I took the over. They pooled $100.

Now this number was set ridiculously high, mostly because we were headed to the Badger Huddle, an immense outdoor Badger party just outside the stadium. Everyone figured you'd only be limited by your vigor. But this wasn't the case because the party had all-you-can-eat burgers, dogs, brats and all-you-can-drink beer. So literally everyone was walking around double fisting some combination of beer-brat-burger, or in many instances triple-fisting. Also, not a huge proportion of the Badger fans were young women. Buyer beware on taking this bet, by the end of the night my first instinct upon seeing a girl was to high-5 her. I could not turn this off. It was like playing a video game for 8 hours and then going to sleep, you can close your eyes, but you'll still be seeing the video game.

Numbers 2&3 were models wearing barely-there swimsuits just outside the casino for a photo shoot. I'm pretty sure it was because Limp Bizkit was there. Either way they were BY_____FAR the hottest girls I high-5'd and they gave me sarcastic looks while submitting to my request. They then sprawled themselves over a TransAm with 4 other hotties for the rest of the time we waited for our cab (Vegas!). Number 44 gave me a full on booty-grind dance for a few miuntes in the middle of this huge field-party, she was the best. Number 50 was a girl I knew from Madison, shockingly the only one. Number 94 was the first that happened inside Camp Randall West. Number 128 finally occurred just as we commandeeered a bus and got outta dodge.

The PA announcer mentioned that UNLV has had 4 sellouts in their history, all UW games.


Mr.Man said...

Excellent bet. Well done.

Did folks in the crowd see that bastard UNLV guy crippling Hubbard? If so, was there any reaction?

Anonymous said...

Nobody saw it. The people weren't even sure who was down, but were kinda scared cause the only 2 black guys on the field for us were Hub and Hill. When we saw Hill, we knew Hub was down. Replays in the Stadium were no good. Fans were mostly crazed about the terrible officiating. By the 3rd Q everyone was shouting that the spread was not in jeopardy so they could go back to calling a decent game.